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André Onana

A better future
for the children

André Onana created his own foundation with the aim of helping the youngest. His philosophy is to collaborate in the development of those who haven’t had an easy life.
"I know first-hand what many children in my country are suffering. Inside me I feel that I must help them to have a better future".

Activity areas


Help children with diseases such as malformations, disabled or with HIV, and victims of sexual abuse.


Help families without resources in the schooling of children, offering academic, material and financial support.

Now in action

André Onana Foundation was created in 2016 and currently has several solidarity projects underway all over the world.


The Brain Project is an organization aimed to prove through rigorous medical practices and growth that there is measurable economic value in providing vital health care to African communities.

+info: The Brain Project

In this place dozens of children receive care and have the most basic to get ahead. They are involved in common tasks and are part of a community, working as a team for a better future.

In the face of the devastating attacks in the northern area of Cameroon, we offer help so that the affected people can recover their lives as soon as possible.

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Do you want to propose a solidary project or would you like to make a donation? Contact us.